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Mass for the Moon

Posted on 2004.04.15 at 18:01

With both hands I have crammed the moon into my throat, and vomited back its chalky milk. I have scrubbed this white bile from the walls, astronomical gristle, the ground bones of its ruined face. Diamond slag drips from my lips ravaged by canal-cracks and the scars of past mornings spent hunched over the floor, heaving the sky into the drain.

When I was born, the moon was in Virgo. Perhaps I was meant to be a nun, and blister my fingers with tallow, sew up my cunt with copper wire and scour the nipples from my breasts with a paste of consecrated nettles. Perhaps I was meant to be as blank and unpenetrated as a statue, no terrifying black crescent grinning in me to swallow men like wriggling fish. Perhaps I was meant to have a rosary of severed eyelids, blinking against my throat at vespers, and plant the dross of infant foreskins in the churchyard, to feed the slack jaws of dead sisters.

But I ate my vows on a silver plate, and the plate was bright as the moon. They lurch in me, swinging the weight of the body I was meant to make of this hot flesh, and when I open my mouth to sing the matins, they fly out in a rush, a rattle of lunar horrors. My body is a hammer, and with it I mutilate the holiest of lights. 


Friday Nation
besideserato at 2004-04-15 04:26 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, sweet divinity, she is back with a vengeance, and here I am in the sideline, letting my eyes feast like the best of voyeours. You lift me from the strangeness of reality. I am like a newborn in this world. I am inspired. I am running away to fill erato. She misses me, I think.
Inca Mummy Girl
darkest_peru at 2004-04-15 05:05 (UTC) (Link)
My pleasure, my dear, to inspire Inspiration.
Friday Nation
besideserato at 2004-04-15 05:07 (UTC) (Link)
You do it more than well. And you look cute ala Peruvienne. Just wait til we hit the Amazon all decked out Raquel Welsh and m16s. LOL
swisscheesed at 2004-04-15 07:52 (UTC) (Link)
Very evocative. Lovely!
reticent_manner at 2004-04-15 15:48 (UTC) (Link)

Letter by letter in the dark

Yes, I've returned from deletion with a new identity. I much like this dark world you created and so I've plucked one for myself, too. Not sure how long this one will last, but I usually wear anonymity a bit longer than I do my own skin.

You are, as usual, breathtaking. x
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