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Darkest Peru

Promethean Livery

Inca Mummy Girl
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Poor guy.
All he ever wanted to do
was play the trumpet
And go to Peru.

--Humphrey Bogart
Dark Passage

I give you warning. This is the dark stomach of this book.

--David Bowman
Let the Dog Drive

Into this little alchemist's oven I put the logical evolution of Ghanima and the rib of catvalente. I need a place where I can sit in the dark and conjure hats out of rabbits. I need a place where realism is banished on pain of death. I need sodden soil in which to plant secret things, and I have marked out this land as mine.

This is mulch. Everything goes in, and out will sometimes spring a poem, or a book. If you choose to read this you are entering into an intimate space, primordial soup. Everything here will be born again, somewhere. These words are cells, and someday they will be a body.

Here I plant Aristotle and an Aristotle-tree sprouts from the earth. It is not a logical or linear plane. It is my own to do with as I see fit, simply a well into which I shall drop my strangely-minted coins.

Social Theory:

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